Time's End Board Game Box Design

Design all the Things

So first thing’s first, the name is a lie. Although someday I’d like to design ALL the things, I’ve currently only designed TWO of the things- posters and games. (But the name Design Two of The Things didn’t quite roll off the tongue, so here we are.)

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Game Designs

Game Design

The games I design are the types of games that I like to play. So far I’ve produced an action & adventure strategy game, and a card based party games. Mechanics, style and game-play wise, they couldn’t be more distant from each other – what they do have in common is that they’re all fun!

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Poster Designs

Poster Design

The posters I design are minimalistic in nature, simple but modern. They reflect my geekiness, and are homages to my favorite pop culture classics. With many of my designs I try to use the symbology or the strong silhouettes of the characters to get to the essence of the work it’s based on.

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