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Design all the Things

So first thing’s first, the name is a lie. Although someday I’d like to design ALL the things, I’ve currently only designed SOME of the things. (But the name Design Some of The Things didn’t quite roll off the tongue, so here we are.)

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Game Design

The games I design are the types of games that I like to play. So far I’ve produced an action & adventure strategy game, and a card based party games. Mechanics, style and game-play wise, they couldn’t be more distant from each other – what they do have in common is that they’re all fun!

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Fan Art & Poster Designs

The posters I design are minimalistic in nature, simple but modern. They reflect my geekiness, and are homages to my favorite pop culture classics. With many of my designs I try to use the symbology or the strong silhouettes of the characters to get to the essence of the work it’s based on.

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