B-Ball Blitz

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B-Ball Blitz is the slam dunk party game for the whole family, where the winner sets the rules!

Pass the ball, steal the ball, just be the last one to score. Your opponents will have to yell, dance and clap along as you jam your way to victory. The rules change every time you win, so no two games are the same. “Talkin’ Trash?” “Boom Shakka Lakka!?” The rules can be wacky so pay attention and don’t foul out!

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B-Ball Blitz was designed to be a fun party game that’s ever changing and will literally make you laugh out loud. With each round a new rule is introduced, so the more you play, the crazier it gets. A fun game that adults would want to play, but was still easy enough for kids to join in as well.

It’s a party game in the simplest of forms – a deck of cards, a group of friends, and a lot of fun.

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