About Design All The Things Portrait

So first thing’s first, the name is a lie. Although someday I’d like to design ALL the things, I’ve currently only designed SOME of the things- posters and games. (But the name Design Some of The Things didn’t quite roll off the tongue, so here we are.)

Now I don’t care what you think. It’s probably terrible business acumen to say that, but it’s true. (I also know you pretty well by now, given our history, so I knew you’d appreciate the honesty.) You see, like most things I do, Design All The Things was started with only myself in mind. Not you. I needed to fill a niche – and that niche was my basement. I wanted to play cool games in my basement that didn’t yet exist, so I made them. I wanted to hang cool posters in my basement to look at while I played cool games, so I made them too.

Being the selfish man that I am, and barely thinking of you at all, everything I design is for my own sensibilities. The posters are all about movies, books and shows I love. The games are the kind of games that I enjoy playing. If you happen to dig what I’ve created, then great! We could probably be best friends. If you don’t like my designs, then no big deal. The internet’s a big place. I’m sure we’ll see each other in the checkout line at Amazon or something.

Anyways, thanks for making it all the way through the about section of my website. You’re quite the scholar, maybe we really could be besties!

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