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Pokemon Poster

By October 29, 2018 August 31st, 2019 No Comments
Pokemon Poster Full List of First Pokemon Generation 1

Poster Design Notes

I wanna be the very best.

This was a poster request from my daughter. Being an 80’s child, I’d missed the Pokemon craze. To my daughter though, this was her world. Now, Pokemon was around long before she was born, but to a child, anything that came before you were born was ancient. Pokemon, the Renaissance, cave paintings, you can lump them all in together.

Pokemon Poster Full List of First Pokemon Generation 1 Close Up

Like no one ever was.

With this poster, I tried to give the history of Pokemon some gravitas (or Pokemans as my mom would say). I wanted it to feel old and worn, these are the first generation Pokemon, the pillars of their society. And above them sits Pikachu, the bedrock and greatest founding father, still casting his long shadow over the world of Pokemon to this day.

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